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Our  Sweety Hummingbird Feeder works better than any other feeder because we use hexagonal raised diamond geometry of ports that allows the hummingbirds to visually locate the nectar-like they do when they look into a flower. The unique design of our Mary’s Feeders allows you to watch hummingbirds using their beaks and tongues within the tube so you can actually see the feeding process happen. Did you know a hummingbird’s tongue can reach almost an inch past its beak?

Advantage of Our Sweety Hummingbird Feeder :

🐤 Hummingbirds Can Easily See It – The Hummingbird Feeder comes in 3, rich colors to match the flowers that naturally attract hummingbirds. It has 30 feeding ports with over 200 facets to catch sunlight and sparkle so hummingbirds can easily see it from far away. The perch surrounds the entire feeder to encourage hummingbirds to remain longer.

🐤 Easy to Fill & Clean – Built-in Moat For Mary’s Sweety Hummingbird Feeder. The unibody design makes this feeder exceptionally easy to fill and clean. By using hexagonal raised diamond geometry of ports we are able to form the feeder which makes it even more desirable to your hummingbirds. Just lift off the red cover of the hummingbird feeder to fill nectar or water. The clear bottom of the feeder makes it easy to monitor nectar levels and cleanliness. Clean it at least once a week. The dishwasher is safe.

Easy to Hang and Install – Can be installed with shepherd’s hooks or mounted below a window with closet rod brackets. You can hang it in the yard to make your yard space full of fun. You can also hang it in your house to make the entire room lively. Suitable for patio, outdoor decor, yard decorations, garden decor, window hangings.

🐤 DESIGN FOR HUMMINGBIRDS – The built-in moat blocks feed on everything except hummingbirds, keeping the feeder clean and the nectar fresh. Cleverly raised feeding ports are designed to keep nectar away from other animals and allow hummingbirds to easily feed all uncontaminated nectar.

🐤 SHATTERPROOF, LEAK-PROOF MATERIAL – Sweety Hummingbird Feeder is made of Environmental Friendly shatterproof Plastic, It Will does not break even if dropped. Sturdy, No Rust and No fade, Safe for Hummingbirds. Stable Bottom No leaks and no differential pressure, so these hummingbird feeders are outdoors leak-proof.

🐤 A Great Gift For Bird Lovers – The outdoor bird feeder is a perfect gift for any bird lover, your friends, family, loved ones as well as yourself. Great for decorating the courtyard, garden, patio, backyard, and front porch, making your life interesting. Great for photographing hummingbirds because there’s no bottle for them to hide behind

🐤 100% SERVICE GUARANTEE – 7-15 Days Fast Delivery. Our product is not only high-quality but also fine workmanship. Please buy with confidence. If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with the product, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem the first time. 100% quality assurance.

How To Use & How To Make Nectar :

How to Use:

  • Step 1: Add 8-10 oz of nectar or the following nectar recipe recommended by us to the transparent base.
  • Step 2: Put the red top cover on the transparent base.
  • Step 3: Install the hummingbird feeder according to the instructions.
  • Step 4: Hang the humming feeder on a tree or a shady place.

How to make nectar right at home:

  • Step 1: Prepare 1 part white sugar and 4 parts boiling water.
  • Step 2: Mix the sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Step 3: Cool the solution completely and fill your feeders with it.
  • Step 4: Excess sugar water can be kept refrigerated (in the refrigerator).

Recommendations for protecting hummingbirds

  1. Please clean and refill the hummingbird feeder every week. And clean it more frequently if the weather is warm.
  2. When you make the nectar by yourself, do not add red dye.
  3. Do not use refined white sugar. Honey would spoil quickly while other sugars may contain levels of iron which are not good for hummingbirds.


  • Size: about 20*8*30cm/ 7.87*3.14*11.81 inches
  • Capacity: about 8 ounces of sugar water.
  • Placing Way: Display on a flat place or hang with an “S” shaped hook.

Packing List:

1*Hummingbird Feeder


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