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Towel Warmer Electric Heated Towel Dryer Rack Heater 2-in-1 Freestanding & Wall-mounted Drying Rack!

This is our new Heated Towel Rack, which provides a stable heat output to warm your towels as well as your bathroom. Turn this Towel Warmer into a freestanding version, it will stand on the floor and you can put it wherever you want. If you want to make more space in the bathroom, turn it into a Wall Mounted version and it will fit perfectly in your bathroom.

Stay warm and dry towels and clothes at a constant temperature.

Imaging after taking a hot shower, you can embrace yourself with a soft and Warm Rowel/Robe, which can keep your body temperature and make you feel comfortable every time. This amazing towel warmer is the equipment you must have in every bathroom.


Benefits Of Our Heated Towel Rail :

Temperature Control and Timer – On the basis of the classic towel warmer, a built-in visual timer and temperature control switch are added, which make the product easier to use and more energy-saving. You can adjust the temperature between 113℉ and 158℉ and the time can be set 1 hour to 8 hours. Besides, the temperature will be kept constant during the set time, and the power will be cut off automatically after the set time.

Fast Heating & Stay Healthy – After heating for 15 minutes, the Towel Radiator Electric reaches its set temperature. It warms the towels quickly to a wonderful comfy temperature. Having a warm towel to wrap up in after a shower is such a luxury enjoyment. The Towel Rail Electric can dry and remove the moisture of towels in a short time. you and your family will get cozy towels after showering. It can also play a dehumidifying and drying effect on the entire bathroom environment.

Resistant to Rust & Waterproof – Our Electric Towel Rail Heater with a 6-bar design is made of durable mild steel, easy to clean, and has no rusting problems. An electrostatic black coating on the surface cuts off humid air. Makes it more stable and the structure more sophisticated. High-quality waterproof electric heating components, whose waterproof rating reaches IPX4, perfectly prevent water droplets from eroding the surface of the heating bars.

Light Weight & Space Saving – The Towel Warmer Electric is a perfect towel-heating solution for your home, its wall-mounted design maximizes your floor space. As a space saver and a storage solution, it looks neat and tidy. It is not only the Best Towel Warmer but also a wonderful bathroom decoration. Our Electric Towel Heater is also lightweight, it is suitable for any structure of the house and you can hang it on the wall of your bathroom without any concern.

How To Install Our Electric Towel Heaters for Bathrooms :

  • Measure the distance between the four holes on the back of the Electric Towel Warmer Rack : Draw and punch holes on the wall.
  • The expansion screw is placed in the hole and flushed with the wall.
  • Fix the large round tube on the wall with expansion screws: Fix the small round tube on the Heated Towel Rail.
  • Fix the main body of the pendant with the wall with screws (the distance from the wall can be adjusted)


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Color: Black, White
  • Heating method: Carbon fiber
  • Product power 80W
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4
  • Adjustable temperature: 45℃~70℃(113℉~158℉)
  • Power cable length: 1.2meters
  • Spring wire: Up to 1.8m
  • Plug: US
  • Dimension: 60x45x12cm/23.6″x17.7″x4.7″

Package Included:

  • 1 x Towel Rack
  • 1 x Pack Of Fixing Part
  • 1 x English Manual


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