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Our Electronic Led Tube Light Nixie Clock uses RGB LED tubes, which can be manually adjusted in 16 million colors, and 7 display modes to change colors.

There are a variety of adjustable lighting effects such as rainbow gradient light mode, breathing display mode, flowing water gradient mode, and other functions.

Our Electronic nixie tube clock is powered by USB. Built-in button battery, even if the power is cut off, the button battery’s power will still support the clock to continue timing, so there is no need to reset the time after the power supply is restored.

The use of high-quality aluminum alloy, walnut wood or Maple Wood, and acrylic materials makes the entire nixie tube clock look more high-end and more textured, hard material, delicate texture, not easy to crack.

Our Tube Light Nixie Clock is Easy to Install :

We have assembled the main part of this nixie tube clock for you. You only need to assemble the acrylic digital piece by themselves and use it. If you are good at hand-made, it can be assembled in only half an hour.

It’s very simple.Support 24 hours format time display and stopwatch function with power memory (no need to reset time after restarting the power)

Our nixie tube clock has a unique retro shape, a classic shape of steam craftsmanship, and can be used as a room decoration, it is very attractive, It is also particularly suitable as a gift for family, lovers, and friends when you put it on the computer desk As a decoration, it will be very cool.


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Led Tube Light Nixie Clock – Electronic Creative Computer Desktop Decor
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