Magical Ice Scraper Windshield – Snow Removal For Car

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There is nothing worse than waking up and getting ready to start the day and then going out to your car and having to deal with scraping the ice away from the windshield.

SPEND LESS TIME FREEZING YOUR BUM OFF – Scrape frost from your windscreen like you mean it – Forget all those wimpy, flimsy scrapers you buy at the local petrol station, they will scrape unevenly and waste your time; this scraper will remove frost easily and ice chunks are a breeze

Will Not Scratch The Glass The Magical Ice Scraper Windshield can remove even the most frozen frost from your car’s windows with ease, and will not scratch the glass on your car while using it.

This Snow Remover For Car is made of thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, with good elasticity, Toughness, and wear resistance, and the flexible scraper surface does not hurt the glass and paint.

This Ice Scraper Windshield can be used on both sides so that it is easy to remove snow in any direction

Air Cushion scraping strips help save the effort  : TPU Scraping Strip adopts a hollow design, imitating the principle of air cushion, to damp shock and increase tension, so it can perfectly match the curve of the car body while changing the angle more labor-saving.

This multi-functional car windscreen scraper not only solves snow problems but can also be used to remove frost, water, ice, and more.

This Snow Remover has a  30cm Handle Makes Snow Removal Easier : A short handle limits the operation distance while cleaning, so we set the handle length to 30 cm, which makes it easier to clear snow from far away without making the scraper too heavy.

A scraper tip of 70 ° for removing snow : Through repeated tests, engineers found that a 70 ° scraper tip can help snow flow down naturally while cleaning for high efficiency.

Instructions to use The Magical Ice Scraper Windshield  : Take out the ice scraper and place it horizontally to make it perfectly match the curve of the car body, and find the correct point of force too quickly remove snow.


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Magical Ice Scraper Windshield – Snow Removal For Car
Original price was: $40.99.Current price is: $25.99.

Availability: 1998 in stock

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