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Everything You Need In Your Kitchen. The Multi-Function Vegetable Cutting Machine is a versatile all-in-one kitchen tool, very suitable for preparing salads, salsa, onions, garlic, etc. This Green Onion Chopper For Home provides fast, consistent results and has an impressive capacity. Its space-saving design eliminates the need for bulky equipment in small kitchens, while its collection tray minimizes breakage. The transparent body allows you to monitor the progress of chopped carrots, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and ginger. Because it does not require electricity, the vegetable chopper can be used anywhere.

Make the Cooking Easier, Make Your Life More Convenient.
This Multi-Function Vegetable Cutter Is Your Good Helper in Kitchen. This Multi-Function Vegetable Cutting Machine is a durable and multitool food processor with many advantages. Vegetable Cutting Machine is the best choice for preparing onion, salad, garlic, and more in your cooking life, which will make your life wonderful.

Features Of Our Vegetable Cutting Machine :

Superior Quality – 100% brand new, the onion vegetable chopper dicer is made of high-quality BPA-free food-grade ABS plastic material, durable, and lasts long. For better-using performance, we adopt the ultra-sharp 420-grade hardened stainless steel blades for chopping/dicing hard vegetables. Heavy-duty stainless steel blades are sharp enough to cut most kinds of vegetables and fruits.
Vegetable Chopper, The latest chopper and slicer, or crushed multifunctional chopper and slicer! This Onion Cutting Machine is a practical kitchen tool, and the Onion Slicer Machine can shorten your preparation time to just a few minutes. The Potato Cutter Machine is A vegetable chopper that can undoubtedly improve your health.

TIME SAVER – This lifestyle has plunged us into the fast-food era. It takes a lot of time and effort to cut thin slices into small pieces and thin slices by a vegetable chopper. The Vegetable Cutting Machine For Home makes this process less time-consuming, so you will not have trouble cutting vegetables or fruits. Onion Chopper It makes it easier for you to add vegetables to your meal. From now on, enjoy more time with your family without missing any important nutrition.

8 INTERCHANGEABLE Blades – Humanized design, this Green Onion Chopper has 8 types of interchangeable blades, which can give you numerous ways to slice, shred, and grate. Food can also be cut into different thicknesses of silk and slices. There is an egg white separator included, to easily separate egg whites from yolks. So functional.
The blades allow flexibility to easily Cut, Slice, Dice, Chop Fruits & Vegetables In Shapes & Sizes For Minimum Time. Easy disassembly and installation.

Kindly Remind +Easy to Clean– This multifunctional vegetable slicer is easy to clean, Do Not put blades randomly, after rinsing and drying, please collect them into the container and keep them away from children. Easy to disassemble the blades for thorough and convenient cleaning, just use the claw and brush to scrape and sweep off the residue on the press plate and the blades.

REAL-TIME CUSTOMER SERVICE  –  If there is something else wrong with our Green Onion Chopper, you can contact us through Our email. What we do will make life easier, better, and more interesting. We make sure our Vegetable Cutting Machine products are absolutely the best on the market. If you don’t like the kitchen knife/slicer, we will reissue it or give you a full refund.

Specifications of Our :

  • Material: ABS + stainless steel blades
  • Color: Gray – White – Blue
  • Usage: 8 Blades for chopping/dicing/slicing
  • Volume: Colander is 1.5L, a storage container is 2L
  • Washing tips: wash below 60℃

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mandolinist Slicer with Container
  • 2 x Dicer blades (big and small)
  • 2 x Slicer blades (Smooth and wavy shape)
  • 2 x Filamentous blades (Coarse and small)
  • 1 x Mince ginger Ground blade
  • 1 x Handguard
  • 1 x Peeler
  • 1× Food Drain Basket
  • 1 x Cleaning Tool



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Multi-Function Vegetable Cutting Machine – Green Onion Chopper For Home
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