Solar Powered Tire Pressure Monitoring System – TPMS Sensor for Cars


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Having ideal pressure in all tires is a major safety factor of driving, especially during long drives. It is a tough job to check tire pressure manually, the easiest way is to rely on this tire pressure monitoring system, featuring in-built temperature protection.

The Solar Powered Tire Pressure Monitoring System comes with dual charging methods to recharge the battery during the day so you can enjoy safe travel in your RV, truck, or passenger car with a real-time reading of tire pressure.

Our Tire Pressure Monitor Features:

  • The tire pressure monitor has a High efficient solar power panel with a USB charger cable, Double charging ways can assure the monitoring system is working continuously.
  • The receiver can be fixed on the surface of the center console stably, and the LCD display can clearly show the tire’s pressure and temperature in real-time.
  • Tire pressure sensors are able to foresee air leakage, prevent tire damage and save fuel. Fitted with a buzzer alarm to alert the driver when the pressure drops below a set value.
  • 6 alarm modes: fast leak alarm, slow leak alarm, high pressure alarm, high temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, and sensor low battery alarm.
  • The wireless installation and signal receiving make it easy to use and save space. It takes a few minutes to display the tire’s pressure and temperature after installation.
  • It is suitable for all cars with tyre pressure less than 4.0, such as cars, SUVs, sports cars or MPV, etc.

Our Solar Powered Tire Pressure Monitor information: 

Why Do You Need This Tire Pressure Sensor?

Ensure safety and prevent tire blowouts by installing the Flow-Through Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This system accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature simultaneously in real time, while offering you the ability to custom program high and low PSI settings on up to 4 axles.

What is TPMS?

It is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System and is also called Tire Pressure Sensor. Make an alarm and show car tires’ pressure and temperature.

How to install sensors?

We suggest installing the build-in sensors by a professional car center; external one install can read our page and manual for reference. When you receive the device, please charge it for 3 hours.

Does solar charging work for cloudy days?

Yes. Normally, full solar charging can work for 3 days and it can work on cloudy and fog days.

Can it work on a snow day?

Yes. If the TPMS shows “N5 Alarm”, Please don’t worry and just drive the car for a distance to make the tires move. It will be ok. The external sensors will be affected by the cold environment, just need to run cars.

Does it need to connect the car cigarette lighter for charging?

No. Normally it will charge by solar, but if you meet very bad weather for a long time or need an urgent charge, you can use the USB for charge. (USB not included)

Does it need to turn on/off the TPMS?

No. It will turn on by shock boot and turn off if there is no shock for 10 minutes.

 Tire Pressure Monitoring is showing”0.0″ or “-“, what can I do?

Under this situation, we should try to install the sensors again or pair the sensors to the display again. If you don’t know how to do pairing, please check the manual or contact us, we will guide you.


How To Install TPMS Sensor for Cars ?


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Solar Powered Tire Pressure Monitoring System – TPMS Sensor for Cars
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