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Electric Waterproof Fence hidden fences keep your pets safe. The Hidden Fence creates a secure boundary to keep your pets safely in your yard and away from places you don’t want them, such as gardens, swimming pools and driveways. With a Hidden Fence, your pets can run, play and exercise so they stay happy and healthy. Hidden Fences are also commonly known as wireless fences, underground fences, invisible fences, and electric fences for dogs.

This hidden W-227b is among the most reliable, cost-efficient pet containment systems available today. A buried wire transmits a harmless radio signal. When you dog approaches the boundary, the signal causes the dog`s collar receiver to deliver a warning beep first. If your dog continues closer to the boundary, the system will issue a mild shock. If your dog continues further, the system will issue stronger shocks until your dog returns to within the boundary you have set up. Your dog will naturally seek to avoid correction, and is content staying within established boundaries 


  • Pulsed proportional stimulus
  • Progressive tone stimulus
  • Variable field width control
  • Audible and visual wire break indicators
  • Speed detect anti-run through
  • Built-lightning protection
  • Multiple collar operation
  • Up to 5000 square meter range(over 1.2 acre) 

What’s Included In The Package?

  • 1 x Indoor wall-mounted transmitter;
  • 1 x Power plug;
  • 1 or 2 x Adjustable Rechargeable receiver collar;
  • 1 x usb cable
  • 1 x Boundary wire of 300 meters;
  • 2 x Extra metal contact points;
  • 20 x Training flags;
  • 1 x Test bulb;
  • 2 x screws;
  • 1 x User`s manual.

2-Year Battery Life
Electric Waterproof Fence receivers have the longest battery life in the industry. Compare DogWatch to 3-4 months battery life in other brands. Fewer battery changes = greater safety for your pet and less expense for you (and better for the environment.)

Flexible Training Levels
The receiver collar includes 7 easy to understand and adjust training levels plus an ‘audible only’ feature to ensure safe and appropriate training and containment for your pet.

User Programmable
The receivers have multiple settings for different pet personalities and can be set individually for each pet. The settings are easy to understand and easy to adjust – no service call required.

Status Light
The multi-function status light on the receiver lets you know if the battery is low or needs to be replaced. It also shows you if your pet has recently challenged the boundary (the “Tattletale” feature).

High Impact, Waterproof
The  receiver is tested to withstand the harsh outdoor elements of rain, sleet and snow . . . as well as rigorous play!

Auto Memory®
If your pet challenges the boundary, this patented safety feature automatically increases the receiver level for 24 hours.

Electric Waterproof Fence Contact Posts
These unique contact posts are easy on your dog’s skin. They are smooth like our standard stainless steel contact posts to minimize friction and low profile for a comfortable Pet-Friendly fit. Purrfect for cats and dogs with short coats.

Audible or Vibration Boundary Warning Alert
All Electric Waterproof Fence receivers include an audible warning to alert your pet that he is approaching the fence boundary. The R9 receiver offers your choice of either an audible or a vibration alert. The vibration alert is perfect for hearing impaired pets.

Fast React®
If your dog runs at the boundary, the receiver reacts with a warning signal before he reaches the wire, not while he is traveling over it.


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